Ice Cream

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  • Mint Chocolate Mocha

  • Mocha Madness

  • Caramel Macchiato

  • Frozen Hot Chocolate

Specialty Treats
  • Small Banana Split (in cup)

  • Large Banana Split (in boat)

  • Fudgy Cookies and Cream

  • Crazy For Caramel

  • Coke Float/Root Beer Floats

Shakes & Malts
  • Regular Shakes – Made with any flavor we have in stock

  • Tropical Shakes, The fresh sensation of real fruit blended with milk and ice cream

  • Beachy Peachy

  • Belize Berry

  • Mango Marina

  • Wild Island Strawberry

Hand Dipped Ice Cream
  • 16 flavors, served in a bowl, cake/sugar cone or Waffle Cone (plain or chocolate dipped) extra.  

  • Sizes -  Kiddie, Small, Large, XL, XXL

Froyo Smoothie
  • Banana Berry Paradise

  • Island Strawberry

  • Hawaiian Sunrise

  • Mango Bango Colada

  • Mango Typhoon Lagoon

  • Super Berry Banana

  • Tahiti Sweetie Calada

  • White Peach Wipeout

  • Liquid toppings, whipped cream and a cherry (pecans extra)

  • Sizes - Kiddie  2 ounces, Small  4 ounces (1 scoop), Large  8 ounces (2 scoops)


      Our ice cream cakes come in 7" round and sheet cake sizes. Delicious vanilla and chocolate ice cream with tasty chocolate crunchies add to the great flavor of Hershey's® Ice Cream. 


Italian Ice

      A 100% fat & cholesterol free non dairy water based product.  Unlike "snow cones" and "shaved ice" which are nothing more than syrup poured over ice, Via Veneto Italian Ice is made with time honored recipes and blended in a special freeze machine to a smooth "creamy-like" consistency. Served in a 4 ounce kid cup and a 12 ounce adult cup.




Bonnie Belles Cupcakes, Petit Fours, Iced Sugar Cookies & Pepperoni Rolls

Hot Dog with all the fixins (including homemade chili)

Nachos with Cheese & Jalapenos

Pepperoni Rolls

Pizza Rolls

Hot Dog
Hot Dogs

Made with all fixings.

SPC/Steak burger

Topped with peppers and cheese



Baked Potatoes
Baked Potato Bar





      Soft Drinks,  Water,  Monster Energy Drink,  Mountain Roasters Coffee,  Iced Coffee

(Amaretto,  Caramel Macchiato,  French Vanilla,  Hazelnut,  Irish Cream,  Lavender,  Sweet Cream, Traditional,  Vanilla and seasonal such as Pumpkin Spice),  Egg Nog,  etc.


We proudly use Mountain Roasters Coffee which is roasted right here in Buckhannon, WV.

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